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Compostable Foodservice, Resins and Custom Products

Compostable Foodservice

Minima makes cups, bowls, straws, bags and other packaging.  These high-quality bio-based products are free from BPA, plasticizers and phthalates, and certified compostable by global organizations including BPI, Din Certco and Vinçotte.

biodegradable resins minima

Compostable Resins & Compounds

Minima polymer chemists have decades of experience and a commitment to earth-friendly plastic alternatives. Our compostable extrusion resins and molding compounds are designed to perform just like plastics, yet biodegrade completely in industrial compost facilities.

Your customers can enjoy the convenience of plastics while reducing their environmental impact. Your company can offer an eco-friendly change that modern consumers want.

Compostable Resins for Sheet Extrusion

compostable resins sheet extrusion

Our certified compostable resins for sheet extrusion meet international standards for compostability. Create clear thermoformable containers that are completely compostable.

Compostable Resins for Blow Molding

compostable resins for blowmolded products

Our blow molding resins contain proprietary blends of PBAT, PLA and PBS so you get superior mechanical and physical properties with 100% compostabiliy.

Compostable Resins for Film Extrusion

resins for compostable films and bags

Our certified compostable film extrusion grades process easily on most blown film equipment with only minor screw modifications. Now your converting operation can make compostable bags for retail, yard and kitchen waste.

Compostable Resins for Injection Molding

resins for compostable products

Our compostable injection molding resins are compatible with most standard equipment.

Compostable Resins for Foam Sheet

compostable foam sheet

Minima is developing resins for certified compostable foam sheet to create thermoformable foodservice containers and anti-static packaging for electronics.

Compostable Resins for Extrusion Coating

compostable extrusion coating resins

Minima has perfected certified compostable resins for extrusion coating onto paper and paperboard for sandwich wraps, containers and hot cups.

Custom & Private Label Products

Minima is more than just Asia’s leading supplier of compostable products and resins. We also work with entrepreneurs to develop and manufacture eco-friendly products using sustainable raw materials. We can offer you world-class engineering and design expertise in multiple plastics manufacturing disciplines including injection molding, extrusion, coating/laminating and flexible package converting. Read more…

Children’s Plate & Cutlery

Bath Accessory

Biodegradable BB’s

Biodegradable Sunglasses

Biodegradable Flower Pots

Biodegradable Chopsticks

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