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Compostable Foam Sheet Resins

Currently under development, our certified compostable foam sheet will offer many benefits, including:

  • Naturally anti-static properties for safe electronics packaging
  • Water soluble and compostable for low environmental impact
  • Superior strength and resilience to other bio-based foam sheets
  • High resistance to thermal fluctuations
  • Easy to foam on existing equipment
  • Heat resistance to 90 Celsius (194 Fahrenheit)

For insulation, shock absorption, and general packaging, compostable foam sheet is a replacement for conventional polystyrene foams.  GP9001F resins will be designed to be extruded on conventional PS sheet foam lines, then thermoformed on conventional thermoforming equipment.

Like all Minima products, GP9001F foam sheet will be certified by BPI, OK Compost, and DIN Certco as 100 percent compostable.

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