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Some of our products are made from natural sources and some from synthetic sources.  However, all are completely biodegradable in actively managed environments (like industrial composting).

It’s a misconception that natural = biodegradable. For example, lignin (the connective tissue that makes wood strong) is very difficult to biodegrade.  Bamboo has natural anti-microbial properties. Some forms of cellulose (also found in wood) is impossible to biodegrade.

On the other hand, some plastics companies have successfully synthesized NON-degradable plastics from natural sources.  For example, a PET (polyester terephthalate) bottle is made from raw materials extracted from sugar beets.

Minima is committed to making only 100% biodegradable products to help make composting more efficient and productive. We have our products independently certified to verify this claim.

Our foodservice products are available on Amazon.com. You can also contact us for further request at service@minima-tech.com .
Yes. We welcome inquiries from inventors and entrepreneurs that want to make the world a better place by using biodegradable substitutes for plastic.  Please contact us at info@minima.com.
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