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Where The New Earth Begins


Asia’s #1 provider of compostable foodservice items & compostable food grade resin



Minima is a global company founded on the principle that sustainable, innovative technology can help protect the earth.



Minima’s extensive patent base and deep industry knowledge allow us to work with customers on collaborative projects in a range of industries.



Minima’s international team of biopolymer specialists has the skills and experience necessary to help you create eco-friendly products.



Sure, Minima is Asia’s #1 brand of compostable products. But we also make resins, compounds and innovative biodegradable products.

Introducing Minima

Our resins and our finished products — including plates, cups, bowls, straws, bags and other packaging — biodegrade naturally in just 60 to 90 days in a commercial composting facility. Our high-quality bio-based polymers are backed by rigorous scientific testing and certified as compostable by global organizations including BPI, DIN Certco, and Vinçotte. Read more about our certifications…

Engineered by polymer chemists with decades of experience, Minima has a strong commitment to earth-friendly plastic alternatives. All of our products are designed to biodegrade – safely and completely – while replacing harmful plastics.  Our compostable resins and finished foodservice products combine the superior performance and durability of plastic with source materials that are compostable and renewable. Enjoy the convenience of plastics while reducing your environmental impact and offering an eco-friendly change that modern consumers want.

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