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ESG is to assess whether a company meets the Sustainable Development Goals, and the indicators originally originated in 2005, when the United Nations proposed the “Who Cares Wins” report, which mentioned that global companies should integrate E-Environmental (Environment) and S-Social (Social). The three indicators of G-Governance are included in the standards for evaluating corporate operations. This is in the hope that companies will no longer only judge the merits by financial statements, but will take into account the environment and social development.

Environmental environment

Pay attention to the company’s environmental, ecological and climate treatment measures, common projects include:

  1. The production process is carbon neutral
  2. Build a carbon footprint
  3. The treatment plant discharges waste gas and wastewater
  4. Switch to green energy for energy

Social society

Pay attention to the performance of enterprises in the social orientation, common items are:

  1. Focus on employee health and safety
  2. Improve labor rights
  3. Eliminate forced labor
  4. Maintain a level playing field
  5. Maintain a good relationship with customers
  6. Give back to the community and the community

Governance Corporate governance

Pay attention to the performance of business management, including:

  1. Internal controls
  2. Shareholders’ equity
  3. Protect the interests of stakeholders
  4. Manage the supply chain
  5. Transparency of information
  6. Maintain business ethics
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