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Minima Shareholders

Minima Technology was founded in 2000 out of a love for the earth and desire to reduce the amount of carbon-polluting plastic waste in the environment.

Our founder, Dr. Chien-Ming Huang, wanted to create premium products with a reduced environmental impact and develop high-quality, plant-based bio-plastics so that others could do the same in manufacturing facilities across the globe. With a background in Chemical Engineering, Dr. Huang wanted to mimic the look, feel, and performance of plastic with plant-based materials that could biodegrade in commercial compost facilities in a relatively short time frame.

Years of experimentation led Dr. Huang to isolate high-quality biodegradable polymers that offer the strength, flexibility, and performance of plastics without the harmful petrochemicals. Made from natural starches occurring in corn, tapioca, and other plants, these polymers are engineered to decompose naturally in 60 to 90 days when placed in a commercial composting facility.

Today Minima serves consumers and packaging manufacturers with a full line of certified compostable products and polymer resins that can be used to create a range of end use products.

For manufacturers, our resin contains a compound of three different polymers, taking the best properties of each to generate a product that has significant advantages over other bio polymers. To better serve the needs of packaging manufacturers, we offer compounds for blown film extrusion, sheet film extrusion, paper coatings, and injection molding.

All of our resin compounds can be used on conventional machinery for ease of use and reduced cost to manufacturers wanting to offer an environmentally friendly product without increasing their infrastructure investments.

Consumers will enjoy the high-quality, certified compostable foodservice products offered for personal and retail use. From hot and cold cups to cutlery and disposable plates, our environmentally friendly products perform as well as plastics and can be colored or printed for branding purposes.

We are proud to be the private label supplier for many of the world’s top brands, helping major companies to reduce their environmental footprint through our excellent consumer products.

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