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Compostable Injection Molding Resins

About Minima 100% Compostable Injection Molding Resins:

  • Direct from Asia’s #1 manufacturer of compostable products, for premium quality at a fair price
  • Custom printable in up to four colors of environmentally friendly ink
  • Versatile for use in a range of finished products, to extend your product offerings
  • Weldable and available for stiff injection molding or flexible injection molding
  • Suitable for use in hot or cold running systems
  • An excellent replacement for polystyrene

As the #1 manufacturer of compostable products in Asia, Minima offers superior injection molding resin you can trust for all your product needs and competitive pricing direct from the manufacturer. Our certified compostable injection molding makes an ideal polystyrene replacement for a range of applications, including cutlery, cups, pens, containers and packaging. Our polylactic acid (PLA) based resin can be processed on your existing equipment and features a melt flow rate that is similar to that of non-bio based resin. Since our injection molding can be tinted to any color you desire, you can easily customize your products and better serve the needs of your end customers.

When you switch to our compostable injection molding, you can save manufacturing costs by reducing your energy usage. Our injection molding can be processed at a lower temperature than conventional injection molding resin. Our compostable resin has elongation and tensile strength that are comparable to that of traditional injection molding resin yet is naturally made to break down in commercial composting systems within 60 to 90 days.

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