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GP300 – Compostable Resins

GP300 is a highly versatile certified compostable resin with excellent mechanical properties for injection molded products such as compostable cutlery, compostable coffee stirrers and other consumer products.

Minima resins are independently certified to be biodegradable in professionally managed (industrial) compost facilities. Check locally since such facilities are not available in all communities. All Minima resins are also tested to be free of BPA, phthalates and other plasticizers.

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Melt Temperature145
Tensile Strength411.0Kgf/cm²
Tensile Elongation7.0
Tensile Yield Strength404.0Kgf/cm²
Impact Strength43.6J/m
HDT(load 66psi)95.8
MFR,190 C, 2.16kg8~12g/10min
Hardness, Shore D73D
Mold Shrinkage Ratio0.3%
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