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Compostable Resins for Sheet Extrusion

Minima 100% Compostable Sheet Extrusion Resins are tested and independently certified to meet three different international standards for compostability.
Minima sheet extrusion resins are standardized for easy processing on most sheet extruders.  Mechanical and physical properties are similar to conventional plastics:

  • Tensile strengths ranging from 484 ㎏f/㎠ (MD) and 320 ㎏f/㎠ (TD) to 609 ㎏f/㎠ (MD) and 538 ㎏f/㎠ (TD)
  • Density of 1.24 g/㎤
  • Clear or semi-opaque (translucent) color.
  • Melt temperature 150 ℃ (302 ℉)

Applications include food packaging, thermoformable food service containers, deli containers, cold drink cup lids, and other rigid, thermoformed compostable packaging.

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