Compostable Resins for Extrusion Coating

Compostable Resins for Extrusion Coating 2019-06-03T07:36:44+00:00

Compostable Resins for Extrusion Coating

For converters of food service packaging, Minima offers certified compostable resins for extrusion coating:

  • Imparts moisture- and grease-resistant properties to paper, paperboard for foods and beverages
  • Excellent adhesion properties to most surfaces for durable, flexible coatings.
  • Provides strong heat seal properties for leak-free hot cups and laminated paper packaging structures.
  • Certified compostable* for low environmental impact
  • High resistance to thermal fluctuations
  • Good melt quality and drawability.
  • Works well on conventional extrusion coating systems.
  • Heat resistance to 90 Celsius (194 Fahrenheit)

Like all Minima products, Minima compostable resins for extrusion coating are certified by BPI, OK Compost, and DIN Certco as 100 percent compostable.

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