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Compostable Resins

Regular plastics offer strength and flexibility, but at the expense of our environment. Today, customers want something better.

Minima has exclusive compounding capabilities to create biodegradable resin blends. Minima resins and compounds have good mechanical and physical properties, excellent superior processability, yet are completely biodegradable in commercial compost facilities.

Minima’s polymer scientists have developed a unique polymer cross-linking method that allows compostable source materials to bond into resin. For example, our signature line of resins (GP Series) combines polylactic acid (PLA), a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from natural plant sources, with other biodegradable polymers like PBS and PBAT to create a strong yet flexible resins. The result: superior bio-based products for film extrusion, sheet extrusion, foam sheet, injection molding, and blow molding.

Compostable Blow Molding Resins

Our blow molding resins are composed of biodegradable PBAT, PLA and PBS, all certified by three independent agencies to be completely biodegradable in industrial composting environments.

Compostable Film Extrusion Resins

Our certified compostable film resins are designed for most blown film extruders and conventional converting/bag making equipment.

Compostable Injection Molding Resins

Resins with easy processability and excellent mechanical and physical properties in finished molded parts. Thin wall or thick cross sections.

Compostable Resins for Sheet Extrusion

compostable resins sheet extrusion

Our certified biodegradable resins and compounds are ideal for sheet extrusion applications including thermoformed food and deli containers.

Compostable Resins for Foam Sheet

Our certified compostable foam sheet is naturally anti-static, water soluble and compostable for low environmental impact.

Certified compostable resins for extrusion coating applications such as paper and paperboard (for grease-resistant sandwich wraps paper plates and food containers), and moisture-resistant adhesive coatings for compostable hot cups.

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