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Compostable Plates

Looking for sturdy, grease-resistant paper plates yet are fully compostable?  Try Minima 100% Compostable Plates!

  • Coated with a certified biopolymer (PLA, polylactic acid) and / or (PBS, polybutylenc succinate), to ensure strong seals and leak-free construction.
  • Made from strong paper laminated with biodegradable plant-based polymers.
  • Certified compostable in industrial facilities.
  • Plastic coating is certified compostable and free of BPA, phthalates or plasticizers.
  • Available in three diameters: 6-inch, 7- inch and 9-inch.

Available in 100 pc/bags, packed in cases of 2,400 (6″), 1,500 (7″) and 1,200 (9″).

Custom Products
Size (Capacity)Pcs./CasePackingCase Size (mm)Case Size (inches)Cu. Feet (Case)

Tested by approved laboratories, then certified by global certification companies: Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), DIN Certco, OK Compost (Vinçotte).

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